Vietnam 2006


Holiday season – time to travel and to explore foreign countries.

The beginning of our journey was not at all fantastic as already in the plane to Vietnam my facial skin again started its well-known rebellion. I was “blooming” – but not in a way that I wished to. The next day came and it was even getting worse. Still we decided to explore the Halong Bay. I must have looked horrible that day as our local tour guide observed me for quite a long time and then took the risk to talk to me about my skin. He told me about his docter in whom he trusted a lot, a docter that would diagnose and prescribe according to TCM, the traditional chinese medicine. He offered me to make an appointment there to see whether or not that doc coulc help me. Desperate as I was I agreed.

What shall I say – what I saw at the doctors place was not at all to be compared to our European standards. It look as if I was in a tea-shop, many big drawers with countless herbs, plants and roots where there and just a table and a pair of chairs.

With our tour-guide as translater I described my skin problems to the doc who then took my left hand to examine my pulse, looked intensly in my eyes and at my tongue, asked for my dejection and if I ever tented to have cold feet or cold hands.

His “alternative” diagnose: the temperature of my body was out of balance, with too much heat in the head and the rest of my body was too cold.