The treatment

The doc’s recommendation:

For at least 6 weeks I should avoid hot spices (e.g. pepper) and in general I should avoid hot dishes. Further he told me to regularly drink a special tea made of plants and roots that he was going to prepare for me. This tea was supposed to re-arrange the body temperature and to rebalance my body according to TCM view. For my burning skin he prescribed a cream that I should use according to my personal needs, in the morning and in the evenning. And he told me that within 3 days I would be free of pain.


Well – guess you can imagine that I was sceptic! Should he be able to solve my many years' skin problems in 3 days, although so many specialists in Germany could not help me?


Not so trustful but very hopeful I started that cure.


Day 1

One day after that consultation the tea and the cream have been delivered to the hotel. The tea was still warm, so freshly it had been cooked. Still, what I held in my hands was not the kind of thea that I was used to – a dark broth, smelling like mud, ready packed into portions. The taste reminded of liquorice. So was the cream: funny small bags filled with orange-pink cream.


The cure started by drinking the tea. It was really rough, the taste was so unusual – and ugly. Still the cream was nice, easy to be spread and very fertile. Short after applying it my skin felt so much better, the ich decreased immediatly and I felt no need to scratch at all. And all the little scales just went of easily when I washed my face.


Day 2

What a feeling – my skin was still reddened however it felt soft as baby skin and was completly free of scales. Of course I continued with my tea cure and used the cream! That day I felt great and I did even more, when in the evening I had a look in the mirror – the reddened parts of my face had become pale!


Day 3

I was so excited on my way to the bath room – what would the mirror show me? Would the doc’s statement be right? It was! My skin looked almost as if never in my life I had any skin problems, there was nothing to remin dof the previous discomfort! 


The following 5 weeks I continued with the cure and believe me – my skin was so perfect as never before!