Today my skin is still impeccable – only in big distances (every 2 – 5 months) I have the feeling as if my skin is tight again and starts itching. That’s when I put the cream on and right after that every thing is fine again.            

By the way – my husband was so curious that he used the cream for his own skin problems: in the ear he had watering skin areas that discomforted him quite a bit. And he also used it on a regularly returning dermatitis with itching skin that he had in his groin. Doctors had already prescribed cortison-contenting cream that he had used without any positive result. So, what has helped his wife so much, should have given a chance to help him, too – he, too, used the cream on his skin problems and – surprise, surprise – the skin problems where resolved within two days, as if never ever there had been a problem before.

Further family members and friends with skin problems realized the change of my skin and asked for the cream. That’s how e.g. my mother-in-law could improve her chronic skin alterations that where, according to the doctor, predestined to turn into skin cancer if not treated or removed. After using the cream the skin alterations had disapeared.

The vietnamese doc had ensured to me that:

-        the cream is at 100% constistent of natural, herbal raw material

-        without cortison

-        free of any animalic components

-        free of coloring aditives

-        free of fragance

The doc also said that this cream could be used on skin problems like acne, various froms of psoriasis and neurodermite as well as eczemas and fungal skin infection.

Curious as we where, we have sent the cream to an insitution to have the cream examined on cortison. They attested us that there is not the slightest bit of cortison in that cream.

Guess you can understand that after all these experiences my trust in our academic medicine has turned quite a bit and that I am more and more convinced that nature offers the best remedies.

Thanks for your interest – if ever you are in a similar position as I was before, I wish you all the best to find relief.

Never ever give up, never lose hope.