Welcome to my site!

I am very pleased about your interest.

The professional world says that psoriasis or neurodermatis are not completly researched and are not completly curable. Read more about that on the sites mentioned under “links”.

With this site I would like to share my own experiances with psoriasis– and I want to tell you the fascinatiting story of how I came to a point where after many years of suffering I now am free of disorders.

I publish my story to let everybody participate in my success. Meanwhile I know that many people have the same or similar difficulties with their skin. I want to share my own story to give hope to those who are affected by psoriasis or neurodermatis, too.

I know pretty well about the destroying influence on the psyche that these illnesses can have.

At this point I would like to thank my husband who always supported me. I am also very grateful to have met a traditional doctor in Vietnam and I thank my destiny which made me discover that there is always the possibility of improvement.

All the best to you, too!

And for your better orientation - on each of the pages you will find a link to the english translation.