Standard medicine


My last hope was the skin clinic in Tuebingen/Germany, a university clinic. Small parts of my skin had been examined there and in the end I had been told that the roots of the tiny little hairs on my faces’ skin where inflamed. And I had to realize that none of the specialists had any idea for a cure. Again I only was told to do whatever was doing me good.

A dermatologist that I visited seeking for help after that turned out to be a clever business-lady – the cures she recommended where not payed by any insurances but would in the end come to an amount of appr. 1000 EUR (800 GBP/1200 USD). The way she talked to me left me with the feeling to have met a great profit-seeker, but not a great doctor.

There I was, again back to zero: totaly frustated with a burning face with itchy, scratching sin, partly bleeding.