Already when I was a teenager my skin started to revolt. Not with the usual spots, but with red areas all over my face. In the beginning it was only in the hair line, later it went on between the eyebrows down to the nose.

The red ares where quite dry and scaly and they itched. At the same time my face felt as if I had fallen into nettles or if it was glowing. There where times when these problems where quite intense and then again the symptoms where gone completly. But no rhythm could be detected.

I went to our families doctor who made allergy tests, various diagnoses where set. As a result I reveived special anti-allergic bed clothes and was – good thing – protected from any kind of household activities that could influence my skin, always excused by medical order. However, the skin problems did not leave. I ha rather the feeling that they became stronger and stronger. Indeed – luckily – the skin worries limite themselves exclusively to the face.

After a view more visits at the dermatologist’s he, too, did not have any further ideas and recommended me, to do whatever made my skin feel good. What broughtme release was always to wash my face with cold water. I have made this always then especially intensive when the skin particularly itched and I could not control myself any more with scratching. Thus this went during at least 12 years.

I tried on everything one can; expensive cosmetics series from the perfumerie, cheap rose cream of the chemist's shop market etc.

All this helped only briefly and short time after the problems where there again. There have been times when I did not dare to leave the house any more. I believed myself always being observed and had visions of how people would talk of my skin.

Using make-up was also pointless, as this did not stay at all and the little that stayed on surely was to fall of with the next scale of skin. Besides that I had the feeling that my skin under the make-up everything was even more nervous.